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Cement Stabilized Mud Paste ( CSMP) Project: Eurotec’s Pan Planetary Mixer was working with unconventional materials

Eurotec’s Pan Planetary mixer with a loading capacity of 1500 liters was used in the Cement Stabilized Mud Paste (CSMP) barge project situated in Delta Mahakam River in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

This project involves the laying of concrete in the river, to protect the gas pipeline that runs across and along it. In order to avoid conflict with the structure of its natural environment (Radiant Utama Group, 2015), the River Crossing and River Banks Repair Campaign’s objective was to utilize organic materials to cover the pipeline located across and along the Mahakam River. This required using the natural characteristics of cement, mud and coconut fibers to be mixed into a paste, forming the protective layer of the pipeline. The batching plant was set up on a barge, allowing it to be operated along the river. In order to produce mixture with high consistency and accuracy, including the characteristics of mud and coconut husk, the project required a planetary pan mixer.

Eurotec’s pan planetary mixer is equipped with fully forced planetary action, guaranteeing batch homogeneity in the shortest possible time, hereby reducing wear and power consumption. The blades are designed in perfect angle, to ensure all the materials are completely mixed. The movement speeds of the blades prevent segmentation of the materials according to different size and weight; contribute higher output with continuous and smooth rotation in a whirling process. In this context, Eurotec’s pan planetary mixer has proven to perform even with unconventional materials.