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Eurotec Concrete Batching Plants is suitable for both Ready-mix and Precast Concrete Applications. Lintec & Linnhoff Concrete Pte. Ltd. provides its customers with a solution rather than just the sale of standard products. Consulting customers on their requirements and limitations faced, the company advises and provides customised services in the mechanical designs of its concrete plants, deviating from standard drawings to meet these requirements. The value proposition of Eurotec plants is quality and reliability of European standards at affordable costs. The key components of Eurotec concrete plants are manufactured by Lintec & Linnhoff Concrete’s partner factory in Italy, ensuring that the “heart” of its products is that of European standards. The cost-saving scheme is accomplished by having the rest of the plant, such as its steel structure fabricated and assembled in China and Malaysia. This allows the company to provide a cost-efficient solution to suit its customers’ budget while maintaining the integrity of their product quality.

Advantages of Using a Eurotec Concrete Batching Plant:

    • Modular Concept – Allows for easy assembling and disassembling
    • Environmental Friendly – Airbag system installed in the plant’s expansion chamber to collect undesirable by-products and prevents environmental pollution
    • Energy Saving – Reduced energy consumption during plant operations
    • No Loading Ramp Required – Saves on civil work costs and allows for production to start immediately
    • Compact Size – Suits customers who have minimal space allocated for concrete production without compromising on the output capacity
    • Twin Discharge Gate – Ensures quick and accurate dosing of materials