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Lintec latest concrete cooling ice plant receive tremendous interest at recent Bauma Munich 2019 trade show 

The plate ice heat exchanger adopted in the LEA100 not only has no moving parts but very importantly it produces ice anywhere from 30-50% more energy efficient than conventional flake ice plants. This means we can produce ice with up to ½ the energy consumption of our competitors.

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Lintec & Linnhoff unveils new branding at Bauma Munich 2019

Lintec & Linnhoff Concrete Pte Ltd successfully launch new branding at recent Bauma Munich 2019

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Lintec & Linnhoff launches as a single source for asphalt and concrete production requirements

The new brand is symbolised by the Lintec & Linnhoff logo. The logo, which consists of a word mark and an icon, fuses two letter Ls to symbolize the union of the two German brands Lintec and Linnhoff. The first letter L, in black, symbolizes the natural material colour of asphalt while the latter L, in grey, references the colour of concrete, asphalt and concrete being Lintec & Linnhoff’s primary business.

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Refinery Petrochemicals Integrated Development ( RAPID) Project_ Eurotec Twin Plants with Cooling System

In April’ 2015, Eurotec supplied two MZ Horizontal Plants with 200m³/hour output capacity for a Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID) Project in Pengerang, Malaysia.

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Cement Stabilized Mud Paste ( CSMP) Project: Eurotec’s Pan Planetary Mixer was working with unconventional materials

Eurotec’s Pan Planetary mixer with a loading capacity of 1500 liters was used in the Cement Stabilized Mud Paste (CSMP) barge project situated in Delta Mahakam River in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

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