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ECS Computerized System

ECS is a native Windows-based batching plant system specifically designed for the concrete industry by Eurotec, which has over 20 years of experience on concrete batching plants.

It can be set up in order to perfectly suit any type of plant configuration – either horizontal, tower type or mobile, and to meet any requirements of the concrete producer.

The user-friendly interface simplifies the daily tasks of the plant’s operator, while at the same time providing plenty of information to the manager.

The system features an advanced data and reporting interface, complete with delivery notes management, including layout set up and printout.

All data generated during automatic production and, optionally, manual operation is always updated in real time, and are available for reporting and statistics.

ECS can be interfaced with any type of accounting and invoicing software application, through bidirectional CSV files exchange or by direct access to the database tables (Optional).

A remote workstation can be connected via LAN to the main system, providing full control of the plant from any location, acting also as a backup unit in case of failure of the main PC (Optional).



  • 1 x Desk Top PC with LED monitor
  • Windows OS
  • 1 Dot matrix printer for printing Delivery Order & Bath report
  • Siemens PLC S7 Series (Program Logic Controllers)



    • Plant maximum configuration (based on the standard PLC I/O set up. Extended plant configurations can be accommodated through hardware expansions and software upgrades).

      • Multiple fully configurable scales
      • Up to 20 components extractors, comprising of:
        • 6 Aggregates Bins
        • 6 Cement Silos
        • 4 Admixture Batchers
        • 2 types of Water (fresh and recycled)
        • 2 Spare for Special Products (i.e. ice, filler, pigment, etc.)
      • Water by weight or flow meter
      • Dry or Wet plant type configuration (up to 2 mixers)
      • Skip control or aggregate stand-by hopper on wet plant configuration


      • Automatic in-flight control
      • Dosage tolerance control, by percentage and net quantities
      • Production queue management
      • Manual components addition by pausing automatic batch
      • Manual operation of the plant by mouse point and click
      • Built-in provision for moisture control inside the mixer
      • Built-in provision for mixer motor absorption monitoring and slump adjustment
      • Quick water adjustment pre-set
      • Batch can be paused and restarted without data loss
      • Component extractor switch during automatic batching
      • Recipe setpoint modification capability, before the automatic start of batching
      • Fully integrated Delivery Note management with preparation and printing
      • Master files for: customers, job sites, trucks
      • Totally customizable Delivery Note printout layout
      • Provision for printing the batch report inside the delivery note printout


      • Production report by product, recipe, customer, job site, etc.
      • Raw materials consumption report
      • Incoming materials management (delivery notes and report)
      • Detailed batching report
      • Deliveries and truck journeys report
      • Production errors and batch accuracy overview
      • Unlimited recipes database
      • Log file for all operations
      • Delivery notes with related master files
      • Alarms report
      • Customized statistical reports capability
      • Data can be exchanged with accounting/invoicing software


      • Easily backup and restore data and plant configuration
      • Capability of backup on a remote workstation
      • Operators groups and access policies
      • Multiple authorization passwords levels
      • Alarms and data modification logs
      • Provision for connection with workstation, for plant operation even from a remote location