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MZ Plant

The MZ Plant has a 120m³/hour-250m³/hour rated output capacity, and mainly caters for heavy-duty construction applications, such as large-scale infrastructure projects.

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The ECOTEC series is currently offered in 60 and 90m³/hour. Minimal or no loading ramp is required for this plant, and the two-sided aggregate bin allows for materials to be loaded effortlessly.

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ECO Plant

The ECO Plant has a 30m³/hour-120m³/hour rated output capacity. It was developed to meet a market gap, where small-scale projects with budget constraints still desire quality mixers.

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The Eurotec SMART Plant has a 30m³/hour-50m³/hour rated output capacity, and is designed to cater for smaller scaled projects with space constraints.

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The PORTABLE Plant has a 60m³/hour-120m³/hour rated output capacity and was designed for customers whose projects require high frequency of relocation for their concrete plants.

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